Monday 12 January 2009

Upload of pump data

Users of modern insulin pumps are often reluctant to keep a diary. The main reason is that the logging capapilities of modern pumps nearly replace the diary. Many pumpers still would like to share their diary with their doctor or social community.

Therefore we have implemented the 'Upload' feature in the section 'Diary'. There you can upload the CSV files that have been read from your pump. These files will be automatically imported into your Glucosurfer diary. In the current development stage the import will only work for Medtronic pumps but you can help to improve this situation. If your pump management software is capable to create CSV or XML files you can upload these files too. We will analyse your files and based on that we will improve the import functionality.

Medtronic devices

The whole approach is only useful if your pump data also contains blood glucose values. This is true for the Medtronic devices if you use the bolus wizard. There you can enter the blood glucose manually or in combination with a linked meter or a CGMS sensor. We are very happy with the import results so far especially for the huge amounts of data that will be produced by the CGMS system.

Accu-Check devices

To my knowledge the Roche devices do not have an integrated bolus wizard. But this is no problem if your are using an Accu-Check glucose meter too. All you need is the Accu-Check SmartPix USB-device. This reader will gather the data from pump and meter. While the SmartPix is plugged to the PC it is possible to access it like a computer drive. In the subdirectory Roche\XML you will find the XML files containing the meter and the pump data. Since this is a computer drive you can simply search for *.xml to find the files. These files can be uploaded to your Glucosurfer diary.

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