Wednesday 11 July 2007

Diagram for Comparison of Days

One of my primary goals is the recognition of systematic problems. For instances that increased levels of blood glucose in the morning are not random but related to some incorrect handling like to much bread units just before sleep or an shortage of long term insulin.

To get an impression of the overall quality I have created a new diagramm called "Glucose - comparison of days". One day is represented as a color bar from top to bottom. Within this color bar the various levels of blood glucose are represented by colors:

black: blood glucose greater 200
red: blood glucose greater 140 and smaller 200
green: blood glucose greater 60 and smaller 140
blue: blood glucose below 60

By changing the zoom factor you can adjust how many days are represented within one diagram. Therefore you can compare days and see the evolution of your treatment. This means if you draw the right conclusions you will see that red turns to green and that the overall green increases.

I think that this diagram is very important to get a realistic view on the quality of your diabetes treatment.

Of course this diagram is exagerating the problems a little bit. But still you will be able to see when things get worse or better.