Wednesday 13 April 2011

Windows Phone 7 - WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is a great knowledge engine. Is is capable of many operations from mathmatics to facts. It even knows about the nutritional information of groceries at different serving sizes. Just click on the next link for an example:

carbohydrates in 50g dry macaroni

The result shows you three things:

1. interpretation of your input: This should be checked first before you accept the result. Maybe the result was caculated for cooked not dry macaroni. If you are unsure just add the words cooked or dry.

2. result of the query: total carbs in grams. If WolframAlpha has no information about the grocery then you will get no result.

3. nutritional information: a list of all the information available about this food item.

For the Windows Phone 7 our App Glucosurfer has been updated. In the helper section you can now query the WolframAlpha engine. For convenience you do not have to enter "carbohydrates in". This is taken care of if you use the standard settings to search for "Carbohydrates" in the field above the search field. We hope you will find this new feature useful and please be critical about the results.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Insulin on Board (IOB)

In the settings we have activated the calculation for the Insulin on Board (IOB). The IOB value represents the number of insulin units that still have an effect on the blood glucose - even hours after the last injection. It is a rule of thumb based on the work of John Walsh (Author of Pumping Insulin). Please adjust the Duration of Insulin Activity (DIA) to your experiences. Walsh recommends to set the DIA between 240 to 360 minutes. More details in this discussion about the calculation of the IOB.

Monday 10 January 2011

iPhone - improvements for the web interface

So far we have no app for the iPhone. But we have made some progress to better use the capabilities of the safari browser. For example the graphics can be scrolled with the fingers. Your feedback (ideas, improvements, problems) is very welcome to keep the evolution going.

Support for date picker

New insulin dosage calculation
(without decimal places or with 1/2 units or with one decimal place)

Analysis of one day
(please rotate the iPhone by 90 degrees)

Comparison of many days

Comparison of many days as heatmap

Standard deviation

Profile per hour of day

Monthly trend for 1/2 year