Friday 22 February 2013

Windows Phone - Privatsphäre der Kontakte

Das Windows Phone ist eine wichtige Plattform für die Glucosurfer App. Möglicherweise entschliessen sich einige Nutzer nur deshalb zum Kauf eines Windows Phones, weil wir die Glucosurfer App dafür anbieten. Zu Recht erwarten unsere Nutzer von uns, dass wir nur solche Produkte empfehlen, die sich hinsichtlich der Privatsphäre vorbildlich verhalten. Leider ist uns beim Windows Phone aufgefallen, dass Microsoft alle Kontakte in der Microsoft-Cloud speichert, wenn man nicht zusätzliche Massnahmen ergreift um dies zu verhindern. Bitte melden Sie sich selbst bei an, damit Sie nachvollziehen können, dass alle Ihre Kontakte automatisch mit Microsoft abgeglichen wurden.

Wenn Sie verhindern wollen, dass dieser Abgleich stattfindet, dann müssen Sie auf dem Windows Phone folgende Einstellungen vornehmen:

Gehen Sie zu Einstellungen > E-Mail-Konten & andere
Konto hinzufügen > Outlook-Konto:
E-Mail-Adresse: localhost@localhost
Kennwort: egal

Dies wird nun scheitern und das Telefon wird Sie nach folgendem Fragen:
Benutzer: localuser
Domäne: egal

Dies wird auch wieder scheitern und das Telefon wird nach einem Server fragen:
Server: localhost

Das Konto ist nun angelegt, aber es findet sich immer die Anmerkung "Aktion erforderlich". Das ist vollkommen in Ordnung, weil es das Mail-Konto nicht wirklich gibt. Sie können das Konto auch nochmals bearbeiten und es mit "Privat" bezeichnen.

Der positive Seiteneffekt ist aber, dass nun bei der Neuanlage eines Kontakts die Frage erfolgt, in welchem Konto der Kontakt angelegt werden soll: Live oder Privat? Wählen Sie nun Privat, so wird der Kontakt nur lokal auf dem Telefon gespeichert und nicht mehr bei

Uns ist es ein Anliegen, dass Sie auf diese Weise zumindest die Wahl haben, wo ihre Kontakte gespeichert sind. Wenn Sie ihre Kontakte nur noch in Privat speichern möchten, dann können Sie in den Einstellungen des Kontakte-Hubs auch einen Filter einrichten, so dass nur Privat-Kontakte angezeigt werden. Leider ist ein Umzug der bisherigen Kontakte nicht möglich. Man muss sie händisch nochmal anlegen. Sollte ihr Telefon nun verloren gehen, so sind auch die Kontakte verloren, weil sie nur noch lokal gespeichert werden.

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Windows Phone 7 - WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is a great knowledge engine. Is is capable of many operations from mathmatics to facts. It even knows about the nutritional information of groceries at different serving sizes. Just click on the next link for an example:

carbohydrates in 50g dry macaroni

The result shows you three things:

1. interpretation of your input: This should be checked first before you accept the result. Maybe the result was caculated for cooked not dry macaroni. If you are unsure just add the words cooked or dry.

2. result of the query: total carbs in grams. If WolframAlpha has no information about the grocery then you will get no result.

3. nutritional information: a list of all the information available about this food item.

For the Windows Phone 7 our App Glucosurfer has been updated. In the helper section you can now query the WolframAlpha engine. For convenience you do not have to enter "carbohydrates in". This is taken care of if you use the standard settings to search for "Carbohydrates" in the field above the search field. We hope you will find this new feature useful and please be critical about the results.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Insulin on Board (IOB)

In the settings we have activated the calculation for the Insulin on Board (IOB). The IOB value represents the number of insulin units that still have an effect on the blood glucose - even hours after the last injection. It is a rule of thumb based on the work of John Walsh (Author of Pumping Insulin). Please adjust the Duration of Insulin Activity (DIA) to your experiences. Walsh recommends to set the DIA between 240 to 360 minutes. More details in this discussion about the calculation of the IOB.

Monday 10 January 2011

iPhone - improvements for the web interface

So far we have no app for the iPhone. But we have made some progress to better use the capabilities of the safari browser. For example the graphics can be scrolled with the fingers. Your feedback (ideas, improvements, problems) is very welcome to keep the evolution going.

Support for date picker

New insulin dosage calculation
(without decimal places or with 1/2 units or with one decimal place)

Analysis of one day
(please rotate the iPhone by 90 degrees)

Comparison of many days

Comparison of many days as heatmap

Standard deviation

Profile per hour of day

Monthly trend for 1/2 year

Thursday 26 November 2009

Improvements for the iPhone

Thanks to the feedback of one iPhone user we were able to improve our input interface for this great device.

1. number fields will now activate the number keyboard for input.

2. the viewport scale will make the input page more readable.

3. you can create a share for your diary. The link to this share can be used in the iPhone browser to visit your analysis page. This analysis page has been improved so that you can change the orientation and scroll the diagrams with your finger.

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Heat map

We are very proud about our new diagram called "Glucose - Comparison of days - Heat map". In this diagram the little fluctuation of the blood glucose will be represented in little fluctuations of colors. This way the little improvements over time can be experienced visually. We hope that this will give some positive feedback for those who have to invest their effords in many small steps to finally reach better control.

Now an example how the new heat map will look like. This represents one year of my life. The quality of blood glucose for 365 days represented in colors:

Relation between Color and Blood Glucose
mmol/l (left) and mg/dl (right):

Monday 12 January 2009

Upload of pump data

Users of modern insulin pumps are often reluctant to keep a diary. The main reason is that the logging capapilities of modern pumps nearly replace the diary. Many pumpers still would like to share their diary with their doctor or social community.

Therefore we have implemented the 'Upload' feature in the section 'Diary'. There you can upload the CSV files that have been read from your pump. These files will be automatically imported into your Glucosurfer diary. In the current development stage the import will only work for Medtronic pumps but you can help to improve this situation. If your pump management software is capable to create CSV or XML files you can upload these files too. We will analyse your files and based on that we will improve the import functionality.

Medtronic devices

The whole approach is only useful if your pump data also contains blood glucose values. This is true for the Medtronic devices if you use the bolus wizard. There you can enter the blood glucose manually or in combination with a linked meter or a CGMS sensor. We are very happy with the import results so far especially for the huge amounts of data that will be produced by the CGMS system.

Accu-Check devices

To my knowledge the Roche devices do not have an integrated bolus wizard. But this is no problem if your are using an Accu-Check glucose meter too. All you need is the Accu-Check SmartPix USB-device. This reader will gather the data from pump and meter. While the SmartPix is plugged to the PC it is possible to access it like a computer drive. In the subdirectory Roche\XML you will find the XML files containing the meter and the pump data. Since this is a computer drive you can simply search for *.xml to find the files. These files can be uploaded to your Glucosurfer diary.